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Contact: xanthe.dobbie@gmail.com

Xanthe Dobbie is an Australian new media artist and filmmaker. Working across on- and offline modes of making, Dobbie’s practice aims to capture the experience of contemporaneity as reflected through queer and feminist ideologies. Drawing on humour, pop, sex, history and iconography, they develop shrines to a post-truth era.

Selected Exhibitions:

2022 | The Long Now, Gallery 5, ACMI, Melbourne 
2022 | Self, Curated by Ingrid Wilson for Arts Northern Rivers, Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton (NSW)
2022 | Risographomania, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville (QLD)
2021 | Don’t Be Evil, Curated by Anna Briers, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane
2021 | EIDOLON, Commissioned for Shortwave, Sydney Opera House, Sydney (Online)
2021 | Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, AR Project Commissioned by City of Parramatta, Parrammata Lanes (NSW)
2021 | CADS #3: Queer Desires, Curated by Vilde M. Horvei & Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan, Munch Museum, Norway (Online)
2021 | The Multiverse, Curated by Charlotte Christie, Bundoora Homestead, Bundoora
2020 | Conflict in My Outlook_We Met Online, Curated by Anna Briers, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane (Online)
2020 | PLEASUREDOME, or, A vision in a Dream. A Fragment. performed online for interactive livestream, created with Harriet Gillies in collaboration with Marcus Whale and Solomon Thomas, Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney
2020 | A Network of Gestures, Curated by Mary Louise Carbone, GPG Project Spaces, Melbourne (Online)
2020 | For Your Pleasure, Curated by ellen.gif & mck3nz, TikTok Exhibition (Online)
2020 | Desktop Holiday, Curated by Claire Anna Watson, NETS Victoria Touring Program, Mornington Peninsula Gallery (VIC) (Online)
2020 | Double Adapter, Curated by Louise Meuwissen, MARS Gallery, NGV Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne
2019 | Potential Space, Curated by Kathleen Linn and Sarah Hibbs, Kennards Self Storage Ultimo, Sydney
2019 | Finding Cntrl, 'Living Coral', online interactive publication for Nesta, London, UK
2019 | Widgets and Doohickies from a Camp toolbox, Curated by Dr Alison Bennet & Dr Ray Cook, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2019 | ARTBAR February 2019, Curated by Lara Merrett, Contribution to Claire Field's FavourEconomy, MCA, Sydney
2019 | Black Box Experiment, Performance experiment with QueerTech.io, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2018 | Yeah/Nah, curated by Miranda Jill Millen, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
2018 | Artivisms Now, curated by Brigid Hansen, La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo
2018 | Black Box Experiment, WebGL Installation for QueerTech.io, Testing Grounds and Online for Experimenta Social, Melbourne
2018 | B-Side, BLINDSIDE ARI, Melbourne
2018 | 2Q18, curated by The Wandering Room, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2018 | QUEERTECH.IO = ART (IRV, URL), RMIT Project Space - Spare Room Gallery, Melbourne
2017 | Desktop Holiday, The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2017 | BSIDE, BLINDSIDE ARI, Melbourne
2017 | our selves, Curated by Frances Fleetwood, Ctrl+Shift Collective, Oakland, CA, USA
2017 | Undergarments, Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney, 107 Projects, Sydney
2017 | Another Space, Curated by Yandell Wanton for The Centre of Projection Art, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2017 | Femmosphere, Curated by Coral Short, Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany
2017 | The Act of Showing, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2017 | Deep Trash: Royal Trash, CUNTemporary, London, GB
2017 | Ecosex, Altes Finanzamt, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
2017 | Summer '40, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne
2017 | QueerTech.io, BLINDSIDE's PLAY2, Federation Square Big Screen, Melbourne
2016 | One Million Views, collaboration with Tiyan Baker, Next Wave Festival, North Melbourne
2016 | Arts House Summertime Party, Arts House, North Melbourne
2016 | Heaps Xmasy Carpark Party, Heaps Gay, Sydney
2016 | MMW16: Heaps Gay Heaps Yummy, Melbourne Music Week, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
2016 | Bedroom Suckers, Besser Space, Collingwood
2015 | Xanthe Dobbie for Grey Gardens, Grey Gardens, Fitzroy
2015 | One Night Stand 2015, Coalesce ARI, Melbourne
2014 | Heavenly Bodies: Altered Pieces, John Buckley Gallery, Windsor
2014 | Curtain Call: The Rough End of the Pineapple, BLINDSIDE ARI, Melbourne
2014 | Play Me, Project Q.U.A.D, Southgate Cinema, Melbourne
2014 | Future Strategies, Project Space, RMIT University, Carlton
2014 | Launch, Brunswick Arts Space, Brunswick
2013 | Oh, The Spectacular Stupidity Of It All, Kings ARI, Melbourne
2013 | Close to 200; RMIT Honours Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University
2013 | Repeat Offender, Bayside Arts Centre, Bayside
2012 | Drawing, Painting, Media Arts; Expanded Studio Practice Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University, Melbourne


2022 | RISING, Digtial Interactive Design and Mentorship on ‘8/8/8’ by Harriet Gillies & Marcus McKenzie, Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne
2021 | Sydney Festival,PLEASUREDOME’ performed online for interactive livestream, created with Harriet Gillies in collaboration with Marcus Whale and Solomon Thomas, Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney
2021 | Brunswick Music Festival, commissioned site-specific projection ‘Polyptych of Becoming’, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Brunswick
2020 | Melbourne Fringe, ‘Club Blue’ Live Desktop Performance for Club.Art, Melbourne
2019 | Melbourne Fringe, Multi-Media Design for Harriet Gillie's The Power of The Holy Spirit
2019 | Midsumma Festival, QueerTech.io, IRL/URL exhibition, Melbourne
2018 | Midsumma Festival QueerTech.io, IRL/URL exhibition, launched at Midsumma Carnival, Melbourne
2017 | Channels Festival Autofiction, Substation, Newport
2017 | GLOW Festival, Curated by the Centre for Projection Art, City of Stonnington, Prahran
2017 | For Films Sake, One Million Views at FFS Festival, Sydney
2017 | Queeriot, Selection of QueerTech works for Festival, Graz, Austria
2017 | Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, QueerTech.io Installation, Heaps Gay, Sydney
2017 | MELT Festival, QueerTech.io Installation Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane
2017 | Midsumma Festival, QueerTech.io Installation, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2016 | Paradise Music Festival, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Marysville
2016 | Emerging Writers Festival 2016, Lifted Brow Art Show, Melbourne
2015 | Channels Festival, Proxemics, Online Exhbition
2014 | Next Wave 2014, Reality Codes, Next Wave Festival Club, Melbourne
2013 | Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Kansas Anymore, GSPF Hub, Fitzroy

Presentations and Talks:

2022 | Art, AI and Digital Ethics, Panelist with Vanessa Bartlet, Sean Dockray, Katrina Sluis, ANAT Spectra: Multiplicity, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
2022 | Queer Powerpoint, Host and Presenter, Co-Created with Harriet Gillies & Thom Smythe, Sydney Bienalle: Rīvus, MCA, Sydney
2022 | Queerstories, Presenter, Murwillumbah (NSW)
2021 | Queer Powerpoint, Host and Presenter, Co-Created with Harriet Gillies & Thom Smythe, 107 Projects, Sydney
2021 | Google Is My Primary Partner, Spotlight Talk, Digital Intimacies #7 Symposium, University of Queensland, Brisbane
2021 | The Queer Lens, Panelist with Wesley Dowling, Liam Power & Drew Pettifer, Bunjil Place in partnership with Melbourne Media Lab, Narre Warren (VIC)
2020 | Talking Digital Art, Desktop Presenter, VCR Fest, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne (Online)
2020 | PHOTO LIVE: QueerTechIO and Rosa Menkman, Presenter with QueerTech.io, PHOTO 2021 Extended Program, Melbourne (Online)
2019 | Experimental Video within the Gallery, Presenter, as part of Adobe Presents: The Big Picture Filmmaker Development Program for St Kilda Film Festival 2019, Melbourne
2019 | Dancing Queens: Queer Potentials, panelist, Simona Castricum, Mama Alto and Xanthe Dobbie in conversation with Alison Bennett, Dancehouse, Melbourne
2019 | QueerTech.io Youth Workshop: Creating Internet Art, Key Artist/ Facilitator, presented in partnership with Midsumma Festival and ACMI, Melbourne
2018 | QueerTech 360: VR & 360 Worshop, Lead Artist, presented in partnership with SIGNAL & Queer Space Youth
2018 | Humour, Queer Bodies & Pop Culture, Panelist, With Dr Quinn Eades & Brigid Hansen, La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo
2018 | The View From NYC: Digital Futures and Emerging Cultures, Curated Guest Speaker, With Kelani Nichols & Kelli Alred, ACMI, Melbourne
2018 | Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Curated Guest Speaker - Digital Collage: The Future is Now, ACMI, Melbourne
2018 | ACMI Art + Film: QueerTech.io, Panelist, ACMI, Melbourne
2018 | Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize, Artist Talk, No Vacancy Q.V. Melbourne
2018 | Queer Some Space - Art and Literature, Panelist, Curated by Kate McKenzie, Chaired by Annabel Brady-Brown with Adolfo Aranjuez, Mossy 333 & Nayuka Gorrie, event by The Lifted Brow and Monash XYXY Lab, MPavilion, Melbourne
2017 | Queer Identities: Resistance and Assimilation, Panellist, Chaired by Drew Pettifer with Alex Cuffe and Léuli Eshraghi, Bus Projects, Collingwood
2017 | Contemporary Art, Feminism and the Internet, Panellist, Curated by Women in the Arts for Vivid Ideas, MCA, Sydney
2017 | Experimenta Social #9, Curated Guest Speaker, ACMI X
2017 | OpenLAB Artist Talks, Curated Guest Speaker, ACMI X
2016 | Screen Futures, International Summit, Curated Guest, Lecture Presenter, RMIT University
2016 | Youth Media Festival, International Education Summit, Curated Guest, Workshop Presenter, ACMI
2016 | One Million Views Walking Tour, Presenter, Next Wave Festival
2016 | One Million Views: How to Go Viral Workshop, Coordinator, Next Wave Festival, Arts House
2015 | Experimental Video Art panel, Gertrude Street Projection Festival
2015 | Xanthe Dobbie in Conversation with Jessie Scott, Artist Talk, Grey Gardens Projects


2022 | Wollunbin Art Award, Highly Commended, The Long Now, Tweed Regional Gallery (NSW)
2022 | Digital Art Prize, Winner (Second Prize), Eidolon, Goolugatup Heathcote (WA) 
2021 | Woollahra Digital Literary Award, Finalist, Eidolon shortlisted for Digital Innovation Award (NSW)
2019 | Melbourne Fringe Festival, Winner of Best Experimental Show for Harriet Gillies 'The Power of The Holy Spirit' (VIC)
2018 | Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize, Winner of People's Choice, No Vacancy, Q.V. Melbourne (VIC)
2016 | John Fries Award, Finalist, UNSW Galleries at UNSW Art & Design (NSW)
2014 | Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award, Finalist, National Portrait Gallery (ACT)
2014 | RMIT Honours Travelling Scholarship, Winner, RMIT School of Art Gallery (VIC)


2020 | Create NSW Digitise Initiative Grant
2020 | Playking Grant
2020 | Sidney Myer National Assistance Program for the Arts
2017 | City of Moreland Individual Development Grant
2015 | City of Melbourne 2016 Arts Grant Recipient
2015 | Creative Victoria 2016 Arts Grants Recipient
2015 | Next Wave Festival 2016 Kickstart Artist

Curatorial Projects:

2022 | Runway Journal: GHOST, Edition 46, Guest Editor, digital journal (NSW)
2019 | QueerTech.io, IRL URL exhibition curated with Dr Alison Bennet, Dr Travis Cox & J. Rosenbaum in partnership with Midsumma, ACMI & Testing Grounds
2018 | New Intimacies, New Works from EO Gill and Sandrine Deumier, BLINDSIDE Satellite, Federation Square, Melb; Bunjil Place, Narre Warren; Harmony Square, Dandenong; Liverpool, Syd.
2018 | QueerTech.io, IRL URL exhibition curated with Dr Alison Bennet & Dr Travis Cox in partnership with Midsumma, ACMI, RMIT & Testing Grounds
2017 | QueerTech.io, curated with Dr Alison Bennet, Dr Travis Cox, and Mark Payne, Midsumma (VIC), BLINDSIDE PLAY2, MELT (QLD), Mardi Gras (NSW)
2016 | Bedroom Suckers, curator, Besser Space
2016 | Debut XII, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI
2015 | Screen Series: Displaced Agency, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI
2015 | Debut XI, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI
2014 | BLINDSIDE Festival; Meet the Public, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI
2014 | Screen Series: Autonomy, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI
2014 | Debut X, co-curator, BLINDSIDE ARI

Arts Management:

2022 | Artist Mentor, Centre for Projection Art, Collingwood, Melbourne
2021 | Founding Member (since 2016), Collective and Curatorium, QueerTech.IO
2019 | Peer Assessor, City of Melbourne, Visual Arts Grants
2018 | Board of Artistic Directors (since 2016), BLINDSIDE ARI
2018 | Peer Assessor, City of Melbourne, Visual Arts Grants
2018 | Front of House and Social Media Coordinator, Curatorial Assistant, IT and AV Officer, Installation Tech, Videographer (since 2016), Australian Tapestry Workshop
2017 | Artist Mentor, SIGNAL Screen Commissions, SIGNAL (City of Melbourne)
2017 | Board of Directors (since 2013), Social Media Coordinator (2013-2017), Vice Chair (2016), Secretary (2013), BLINDSIDE ARI
2012 | Education Coordinator, BLINDSIDE ARI, Melbourne
2012 | Head of Management Committee, 2012 Student Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University


2022 | RMIT Researcher in Residence, ACMI X, Melbourne
2019 | Artist in Residence, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2018 | Artist in Residence, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
2014 | Artist in Residence, Spring Resident, Chantilly Studios, Melbourne


2022 | Runway Journal: GHOST, Edition 46, Guest Editor’s Call Out & Letter, digital journal (NSW)
2022 | Self As Other, Soapbox Essay, Arts Northern Rivers Online Publication
2021 | Classic Blue, Going Down Swinging, Online Edition 41
2020 | Circle Jerk, Going Down Swinging, Online Journal
2019 | Xanthe Dobbie: Internet art to heal your queer heart, ACMI Online
2018 | Video Becomes Us, Episode: The Internet, Directed by Kate Blackmore, ABC iView
2016 | PLAYTHING Magazine, Emerging Writers Festival Issue
2015 | The Lifted Brow, Issue 25
2015 | PLAYTHING Magazine, Issue 1


2024 | PhD (School of Design), RMIT University, Melbourne (Commenced 2021 - Current)
2019 | Master of Arts Screen (Film Editing), Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Sydney
2013 | Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), RMIT University, Melbourne
2012 | Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), RMIT University, Melbourne

   Xanthe acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which their work is made, the Widjabul/Wyabul people of the Bundjalung Nation, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, and the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. They pay their respects to elders, past, present, and emerging.  Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.